PUBLISERT: 2015-11-06

Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

Founder of Comlight AS named female entrepreneur of the year 2012.
There were great celebrations on 8 March when Siri Skøien, the founder of Comlight AS, won the prestigious “Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012” prize, awarded by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry and Innovation Norway. The prize of NOK 1 million will help to fund further company development and growth.
The jury made their decision on the basis that the winner must be a good role model, as well as on the company’s financial development, in particular whether:the company is innovative and creativethe company has the ambitions and potential for international growth
  • the founder herself established and developed the company
  • the founder is co-owner and managing director of the company
  • the company is less than ten years old
  • the founder can present a growth project that the prize of NOK 1 million can be used to develop/implement.
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