PUBLISERT: 2016-02-05

Successful Comlight participation in Denmark

Comlight present at Road & Street Lighting  Conference with a successful market introduction.
The annual street lighting conference in Denmark was a good mix of manufacturers, installers and customers of streetlighting installations for the year 2015. Comlight was present to learn more about the Danish market and to introduce the Comlight solution. The Danish streetlighting industry together with other countries are today facing a large scale change of technology in controlling and lightning as the existing installations are now outdated and need replacement within a few years’ time. LED-lights and new control systems gives many new possibilities of control, and lower power usage. Comlight´s Motion Sensing Streetlight Control System received great feedback and a huge interest, as no other products, solutions or systems could show the same type of control and savings.

By making this first step into the Danish marked, Comlight is positive to future cooperation’s in Denmark in the years to come.

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