The Norwegian Road Authority unveils energy savings on auto-dimmed street light installation

Comlight technology in focus for climate change
Norway shows just how serious climate change is as they install self-dimming street lights. In particular there is one street light installation on everybody's lips these days; the radar-controlled street lights in Hole, Norway. The five-mile strech of the highway 155 is one of the first major installations to be unveiled with this energy saving technology, and the company behind the genious idea; COMLIGHT.  LED lights dim to 20 percent when no cars, bikes or pedestrians are in the area and the results show a whopping energysaving at 2,100 KWH per week. The government will break even after just 4.5 years, according to Youtuber Bjørn Nyland.

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"Light on demand" provides safety

Danish report shows success with motion sensor lighting on road
The Danish energy company SEAS-NVE and Kalundborg municipality in Denmark set up a project in which a combined foot and cycle path was equipped with motion sensor lighting. The purpose of the projects was energy optimisation and the control of street lighting with a focus on road safety and comfort. The objective was to investigate whether intelligent street lighting would in practice lead to energy savings and flexibility, without citizens experiencing impaired conditions as to road safety and comfort.

The results of the project showed better lighting, more safety and less CO2 emissions and a considerable energysaving of 74 procent. Sensor lighting was also recommended as a good alternative to switching lights off or dimming lights and that sensors are a technical element that should be part of the checklist for major renovation projects and establishment of new facilities.

SVEAS-NVE - April 2015
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Norwegian Public Road Authority with Comlight in test project

Suppliers with great expectations to LED lighting on norwegian roads
Norwegian Public Road Authority has iniciated a test project in Vestfold municipality in Norway where Comlight's solution is included. The goal is to find new and more effecient solutions for lighting that can be used all over the country and to study the effects of LED lighting on the roads to see if it will give social economical benefits. "We have great expectations to the Norwegian Public Road Authority's test project in Vestfold as the results will form the base of updates of the authority's guidence on technical planning of road and tunnel lighting", says Siri B.Damsleth.

Samferdsel & Infrastruktur no. 12.
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Comlight in magazine for European Commision and Government Agencies

Comlight's streetlight control solution in Pan European Networks publication.
Pan European Networks has published a Comlight article on energy savings with streetlight control. Their publications gives opportunity to some of the leading figures from across Europe to discuss current and future projects, policy change and problematic issues within science, technology, education, health, defence and wider governance. The issue has focus on smart apporaches and if Europe is able to find the right balance to a truly sustainable energy future.

Pan European Networks

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Comlight as Street Lighting Environmental Technology

Reduce energy waste with activity controlled lighting
Streetlights that are always lit and lights on empty roads through the night are an energy waste. Activity Controlled Lighting provides the necessary light only when it needs it. Street Lighting has a large effect on traffic safety, but at the same time this lighting is very energy intensive. One has used dimmers but then the traffic safety is compromised. CEO Comlight, Siri Damsleth, says that there is a solution. The system is universal and can be retrofitted on existing lighting systems. Even if there is a cost of installation, one will have saved this amount over a period of three to five year.

Fremtidens Energi 05-2015 by Pia Beate Pedersen
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Norwegian Technical Magazine on State Road Administration and the use of Comlight technology

Change in use of LEDs and use of Comlight solution
"The State Road Administration has until now been restrictive to LED's in use along the Norwegian roads. That's about to change. They are running several test projects where the goal is to find new, more efficient lighting solutions that can be deployed across the country. Several different control technologies are to be used, also on existing street lighting, among them the most innovative and advanced control technology that will be tested is from the Norwegian company Comlight within the category of activity controlled lighting "

Teknisk Ukeblad
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Movement creates light

Comlight's solution with increasing demand
The norwegian company Comlight has big amitions with it's sensor-controlled road and street lighting. The founder Siri Damsleth Skøien has made sure that the product is patented in numerous countries. The company from Østfold has developed a sensor-controlled system for outdoorlighting where the ligths are automatically lid when there is movement detected from pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers. 


Byggfakta by Geir Hasle 06.01.2016
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Comlight in Norwegian magazine Samferdsel & Infrastruktur

A norwegian article on smart street lighting and energy savings with Comlight's technology.
"More industries see great potential in energy efficient solutions. Now the road network is next in line with energy efficient street lighting. Comlight has developed a solution for the optimal use of outdoor lighting, including street lighting. After many years of intensive research and development, the company has changed from being an innovative development group, to a commercial technology supplier on the international market".

Samferdsel & Infrastruktur
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Spotlight on female entrepreneurship.


Comlight CEO speaks at Technoport Trondheim

Siri Skøien on Entrepreneurial Success and how she drives innovation
Business leaders and other technology pioneers gathered in Trondheim for Technoport 2014, where Comlight CEO Siri Skøien was one of the guest speakers ono entrepreneurial success and the future for smart lighting.

Technoport 2014 by David Nikel

Comlight founder wins again!

Not long after being named “Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012”, Siri Skøien walked off with yet another prize, as Comlight AS and Skøien scooped Henne magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.
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