Safety and outdoor lighting go hand in hand, and as safety is something that should not be compromised, the world is being bathed in more and more light as residential areas spread and development continues. All these lights work at full power, even when there is no activity going on nearby. With Comlight’s control system “Motion Sensing Street Lighting”, it is easy to reduce harm to the environment and get energy consumption down to a sustainable level. Comlight’s system is suitable for most types of outdoor lighting.
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The most common applications are roads of any type, residential areas, parks, public areas, lit trails, car parks and large industrial areas.

Customer Reference

"Energy efficiency in public lighting is a very important  topic for us. It is part of our corporate philosophy to test new lighting technologies and solutions such as the new  Comlight system. We are very much satisfied with the system, and we are convinced that Comlight is a solution for the future. Therefore we will plan new installations with Comlight soon".
Jörg Haller, Head of Public Lighting, EKZ Zürich
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Tartu - Estonia

Municipality in Tartu in collaboration with Diotech
  • Installation place: Väike-Turu street, Tartu, Estonia
  • Type: OSRAM Siteco, LED, 150W, 4000K
  • Lightpoints:  14
  • Height of lighting point:  10 meters


St. Gallen Stadtwerke - Switzerland

St. Gallen Stadtwerke in collaboration with Elektron AG.
  • Installation place: Demutstrasse, St.Gallen, Switzerland
  • Type: Philips MiniLuma, 40LED/7000lm, 63W, 4000K
  • Lightpoints:  12
  • Height of lighting point:  9 meters


EWZ - Switzerland

EWZ in collaboration with Elektron AG
  • Installation site: Furttalstrasse, Affoltern, Zürich
  • Lightpoints: 38

Thorn Lighting - Norway

Thorn Lighting working in partnership with Comlight
  • Installation for: Municipality of Sarpsborg, Norway
  • Type: 56W LED luminaires Thorn Lighting
  • Lightpoints: 8
  • Height of lighting point: 1 meter

Solli, Fredrikstad - Norway

Comlight’s first test installation in 2008
  • Installation site: FV112 road Fredrikstad
  • Site owner: Municipality of Fredrikstad
  • Number of poles: 20
  • Type: Thorn Lighting, 150 W Oracle armatures


Saltnes, Fredrikstad - Norway

  • Installation site: Between Saltnes and Kjærre
  • Site owner: Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Region East.
  • Number of poles: 45
  • Type: Thorn Lighting, 250W StepDIM Oracle armatures

This is a monitored site, and extensive tests have been carried out in order to compare the energy consumption on the site with and without Comlight. The tests, which were carried out by the Norwegian Public Road Administration, show a 45-per-cent saving on average throughout the year on this site.

Askim - Norway

  • Installation site: FV 738
  • Site owner: Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • Number of poles: 37
  • Type: Thorn Lighting, Oracle 150 W armatures, 1-10V ballast

A monitored site where the Norwegian Public Road Administration can document a 40- to 45-per-cent energy saving with Comlight.


Vestby municipality - Norway

  • Installation site: Deli Skog industrial area
  • Site owner: Vestby local authority
  • Number of poles. 65
  • Type: Siteco 250 W SR100 armatures


Sarpsborg - Norway

  • Installation site: Fv 118, to Østfold Kalnes Hospital
  • Site owner: Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
  • Number of poles: 70
  • Type: Siteco SC100 HST 250 W armatures


St. Gallen Stadtwerke - Switzerland

•  Installation site:  Hüttenwiesstrasse, St. Gallen,
•  Type: LED Street light Type Hess, Sera 600 LED,
    50W, 4000K
•  Number of pole:  12
•  Height of lighting point:  6 meters


"I am sure that this Pilot is a sustainable solution for street lighting for today and in the future. Thanks to the LED-technology, the lighting systems can be controlled and dimmed as needed. The module and the competent assistance of Comlight have helped us to implement this idea. The system is running to our full satisfaction stable and trouble free".
Best regards

Urs Etter, Abteilungsleiter
Sankt Gallen Stadtwerke, Öffentliche Beleuchtung
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