Comlight launches the Eagle Eye 3.0, an improved Motion Sensing Street Lighting system. In addition to standard activity-based light dimming functions of vehicles and pedestrians, new features include improved motion detection and support for globally accepted mobile communication bands. Power measurement functions has been added to the system, as well as support for GPS integration, traffic counting and speed detection.

Eagle Eye 3.0 includes a 24 GHz radar for improved movement detection and reduced risk for noise interference. The LTE Rel-8 Cat-1, LTE Rel-13 Cat-M1 and NB-IoT Rel-13 GSM mobile communication bands are supported. The system includes optional power measurement, GPS support, traffic counting and speed detection functions.

“With Eagle Eye 3.0, we are able to offer street light dimming systems globally, based on the wide support for the 24 GHz radar band. The 2G networks are being shut down in some countries so we have addressed that as well”, says Siri. B. Damsleth, CEO of Comlight. “Other new features make the product even more interesting for Smart City planners, including measuring power consumption, traffic counting and speed detection as well as utilizing GPS data. Comlight has a proven and reliable technology with thousands of systems in operation, and we are continuously working to make our products attractive for smart cities.”

In Europe alone, there are more than 90 million street lamps. EU estimates that up to 70% power can be saved by installing energy efficient smart streets lights, in addition to cutting CO2 footprint. Many communities see this as an integral part of their Smart City strategy of making optimal use of resources and helping protect their citizens quality of life.

Comlight AS offers advanced and reliable motion sensing street lighting system. Comlight has already won a number of prizes for innovation and has garnered significant media coverage. Several thousand systems are already running in real life installations, giving us the experience to offer a robust, reliable and unique solution.

Comlight is exhibiting at the Road and Street Lighting Fair in Lillestrøm, Norway  28 – 29th of November 2018. Meet us to discuss Future Road and Street Lighting.

At the fair you will get professional advice and practical tips on what to consider when choosing lighting solutions and how to handle any issues. Moreover, the fair is the ideal forum for exchange of experience with colleagues and professionals in the industry.

Read more about the fair (in Norwegian):

Comlight is participating in an AutoDrive Project that has gathered Europe’s leading Semiconductor Companies, Suppliers, OEMs, and Research institutes committed to create a pan-European eco-system, which has the critical mass to initiate standards and provides the components and subsystems for automated driving.

AutoDrive will provide fail-aware, fail-safe, fail-operational integrated electronic components, electrical/electronic architecture as well as (deeply embedded) softeware systems for highly and fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, more efficient, more affordable, and end-user acceptable. AutoDrive results will significantly contribute to safer and more efficient mobility. It will raise end-user acceptance and comfort by supporting drivers in highly challenging situations as well as in regular driving situations. Combining both will reduce the number of road fatalities especially in rural scenarios under adverse weather conditions. Autodrive will contribute to Europe’s Vision Zero and to improved efficiency. Read more about AutoDrive

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