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Light on Demand

Motion Sensing Street Lighting

The world’s first patented control system that reduces the wasteful consumption of energy through outdoor lighting when lighting roads and other public places, without compromising safety.

The smart lighting control system automatically activates as soon as movement is detected in the area. It features an Eagle Eye radar detector on each street light that senses all activity that requires optimal lighting on the road or in the area.

When movement is detected by the closest streetlight, the light is lit and the detection is communicated wirelessly by radio to a set number of street lights providing full light and dims down for energy saving when there is no one around. The system creates a “light wave” following the moving object on its way providing safety while simultaneously saving energy.

Key Functionalities

  • Robust Motion Detection
  • Stand-alone system
  • Differentiates between slow and fast moving objects
  • Speed range ~2km/h to 200km/h
  • Adaptive noise cancellation
  • Connects to all dimmable drivers/ballasts

Remote Access

The Eagle Eye can work as a complete stand-alone system or with an optional Eagle Eye Gateway Unit for remote access to parameter settings. Changes in settings will automatically be transmitted from the Gateway Unit to Eagle Eye units in the lighting installation.

System Options

System can be delivered with
  • Gateway unit for Remote Access
  • Energy Metering
  • GPS Module

Gateway Unit

Allows remote access to both parameter settings and retrieval of information.

Remote retrieval of statistical data, e.g.

  • Hours the luminaire has been on high intensity
  • Hours the luminaire has been on low intensity
  • Number of moving objects detected in a given time-frame

Parameter Settings

Adjustable parameters in software package from PC.
  • Number of light points to be triggered by a detection made in both fast and slow channel
  • Light level when traffic is detected
  • Light level when no traffic is detected
  • Settings for rush-hour traffic, e.g. temporary high-level intensity at pre-set traffic levels, evening or night
  • Crossroad or junction handling


The Eagle Eye can be retrospectively fitted to existing equipment or while luminaires are being replaced or upgraded. The control unit can either be connected with cable into the lighting pole or into the luminaire.

Simply mount to the pole, connect, and adjust the radar detection angle in accordance with figures calculated for the specific site.

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