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Reduce Consumption

Energy Waste

There is an ever-increasing focus on what can be done to reduce energy consumption. So far the most important energy-saving measure has been to replace existing armatures with LED lights.

For us at Comlight, the question is how to make use of this advanced technology to solve the core problem: the pointless waste of energy involved in fully illuminating roads at times when there is no traffic, and lighting streets and public areas when there is no one around.

Comlight’s “Motion Sensing Street Lighting” controls the lighting to an optimal level as long as there is activity in the area, and the result is a significant energy reduction – without – compromising safety!

Well lit roads increase safety

Safety & Security!

It goes without saying that traffic safety is improved on well-lit roads, and good lighting in public spaces helps to prevent violence and crime. It is not hard to understand how important lighting is in the battle to make the world a safer and more secure place.

SAFER for all, because providing optimal lighting on the existing road network has a positive effect on accident statistics. MORE SECURE for each individual, because providing good lighting in public spaces, parks and car parks discourages crime and violence and prevents accidents.

Light Pollution

All this unnecessary illumination causes light pollution. This is a problem not just because it is a waste of energy, but also because it is harmful to the ecosystem. You need only see how scattered light from towns and cities lightens the sky, reducing contrasts. The stars become mere shadows of their true selves. According to NASA, only a third of the world’s population can still see the Milky Way, and the problem is getting worse.

Fortunately, simple measures can solve the problem. The adverse effects disappear as soon as lights are switched off or dimmed. Therefore, Comlight can help not just to reduce energy consumption, but also to provide a better, more sustainable environment.


Changes caused by humans are disturbing the delicate, vital balance of our ecosystem, and a steady increase in light pollution is undoubtedly playing a role. For animals and plants, it is the most natural thing in the world for darkness to descend immediately following sunset. But now, the opposite is happening: long before night falls, the lights are lit again. This is completely unnatural, and according to researchers it can affect animals’ behaviour and may in time cause serious disturbances to the ecosystem.

As a rule, when the sun goes down the light levels should do the same. This is good for biodiversity, good for the climate, and good for the environment.