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Case Studies

Clients worldwide are taking advantage of Comlight's Dynamic Lighting Control System. Take a closer look at the experiences of the technology and why some clients chose to apply Comlight's solution.

The Glomma Path - Enjoying the dark season

Norwegians love walking and hiking. Sundays are usually spent outdoors, on foot. This goes for Fredrikstad as well, where Norway’s longest river forms an integral part of the coastal landscape and has been invaluable for the development of the city. The Glomma Path stretches along both riverbanks, and it’s the southern part near Fredrikstad which is illuminated by Comlight’s movement detection system.

Comlight lighting up campus in Halden

The Fredriksten fortress, built in the 17th century as protection against Swedish incursions, has its name from king Fredrik III, king of Denmark and Norway. The fortress protrudes above Halden, a busy Norwegian town and a bustling commercial hub.  Halden is also home for Østfold University College, which with its 7500 students and 650 employees strongly influences the town life. From the college campus, there’s a footpath to the nearest grocery store. The footpath is illuminated using Comlight’s movement detection system for street lighting.

Smart lighting at Haugesund Airport

Airports are technically complex, densely populated by electronics and with a demanding set of rules to comply with. Despite this, Comlight were able to provide smart lighting to the apron zone at Haugesund airport Karmøy. Bjørn Olav Jensen studies at the technical college in Stavanger and works shifts at the airport. Through school, Bjørn Olav heard of Comlight, and when increasing energy efficiency became an important focus area, he made his superiors aware that motion control might be a possible solution.

Norway's largest Comlight installation

About thirty minutes away from Oslo, 220 smart street lights illuminate nine kilometers of picturesque road along the beautiful Tyrifjorden in Utstranda, Hole Norway. The Norwegian company Comlight has provided the solution, and the installation is the largest of its kind in Norway. The Comlight light control system consists of radar sensors in each light pole. The sensors detect vehicles, and the illumination, normally at 20 % is increased to full 100 %. When the vehicle has passed, the light is dimmed back down.