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Case Study

Comlight lighting up campus in Halden

The Fredriksten fortress, built in the 17th century as protection against Swedish incursions, has its name from king Fredrik III, king of Denmark and Norway. The fortress protrudes above Halden, a busy Norwegian town and a bustling commercial hub.  Halden is also home for Østfold University College, which with its 7500 students and 650 employees strongly influences the town life. From the college campus, there’s a footpath to the nearest grocery store. The footpath is illuminated using Comlight’s movement detection system for street lighting.

The Halden council has initiated its “Smart City Halden” project, aiming to create sustainable solutions with economic, environmental and social impact. The city has initiated several exciting projects, including public e-bikes, smart street benches and extended use of electronic aids in public health care in private homes.

Smart street lights are a part of this effort, adapting Internet of Things and make use of the possibilities within the technologies available.

“Our goal is that Halden becomes Norway’s most innovative local council”, Jon Martin Vik tells us. He is head of communication and digital adaption in Halden.

“We’ve lit up a footpath on the college campus. Like many other councils, street lights present a challenge for us, and we determined that using movement-activated lighting will reduce our energy use, and that the level of lighting would be dependent on the traffic on the footpath”, Vik says.

Adaption and implementation went without a hitch. 15 luminaires have been installed with Comlight system along the 500-meter-long footpath.

“Small scale testing before scaling up makes sense, we think. Furthermore, we harvest quite a few data, and those open up new avenues for us. We find out how many who walk to school in the morning, for instance. My goal is that we in the future will be able to let the energy cost determine the level of lighting”, Jon Martin Vik reveals.