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Case Study

Norway's largest Comlight installation

About thirty minutes away from Oslo, 220 smart street lights illuminate nine kilometers of pituresque road along the beautiful Tyrifjorden in Utstranda, Hole Norway. The Norwegian company Comlight has provided the solution, and the installation is the largest of its kind in Norway. The Comlight light control system consists of radar sensors on each light pole. The sensors detect vehicles, and the illumination, normally at 20 % is increased to full 100 %. When the vehicle has passed, the light is dimmed back down. 

“What really strikes me, is the very low number of technical issues with this installation”, Ottar Bjørnstad in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration explains. Bjørnstad is very happy with the choice of solution. “Apart from the reliability of the installation, a very important point for us is that we can make a full down payment of the investment through the energy cost savings in just four and a half years. That’s just excellent”, Bjørnstad says, and reveals that most lighting installations along roads have a service lifetime of about 20 years. In terms of numbers, the saving is about 25 000 kWh per quarter in the dark part of the year.

It’s not just the benefit of a kinder electricity bill that Comlight brings. For the residents along the road, the experience of dimmed road lights has been a positive one.

“The response has been nothing but positive. Residents near the road, tell us that the light is more comfortable, and there is less blinding light. There is still enough light for them to feel safe along the road. Since night time traffic is scarce, there’s also less light pollution”, Bjørnstad states.

The success of this installation has also inspired the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to begin implementing the Comlight system on other stretches of roads.