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Case Study

The Glomma Path - Enjoying the dark season

Norwegians love walking and hiking. Sundays are usually spent outdoors, on foot. This goes for Fredrikstad as well, where Norway’s longest river forms an integral part of the coastal landscape and has been invaluable for the development of the city. The Glomma Path stretches along both riverbanks, and it’s the southern part near Fredrikstad which is illuminated by Comlight’s movement detection system.

“All in all, about five kilometers of the path have been illuminated. We finished the work just in time for the evenings to become darker, and we’re very happy with that. Illuminating the footpath increases the opportunity for use in the autumn and during the winter as well”, Aina Kittelsen, project manager in Fredrikstad council tells us.

179 light poles have been erected with 30 meters between them and makes sure the prospects for using the footpath for walking enthusiasts, joggers and dog owners walking the dog are brighter this autumn.

“We wanted to have street lights on these paths. As the project develop, we came in contact with Comlight, and concluded that a control system would be a sensible approach. We’re hoping for an environmental gain, along with increased use”, Kittelsen says.

Kittelsen states that energy efficiency was the primary target for the environmental gain, and what motivated using movement detection for determining the level of lighting. Furthermore, she sees another important gain; being prepared for the future.

“Utilizing smart technology in the way that we do, sends a powerful signal that we as a council are up to date and pay attention, and that we see the value and usefulness of new technology.”