Comlight wins DALI Awards 2021

Graalum, Norway – 28 January 2021


Comlight won the "Best use of Zhaga-D4i" category in the first ever DALI Lighting Awards on 27 January 2021. Zhaga-D4i is a joint certification program from the DALI Alliance and the Zhaga Consortium, indicating plug-and-play interoperability of sensors, communication nodes, and luminaires. The Zhaga-D4i ecosystem of lighting products enables smart, future-proof LED luminaires with IoT connectivity by allowing sensors with wireless communication to be easily added to luminaires.


Between Tengs and Bjerkreim in Norway, Comlight has equipped 275 Signify luminaries with Eagle Eye Zhaga motion detection light controllers. The system uses radio communication to pass messages onward to the next luminaries on a roadway or path instructing those normally dimmed, energy-saving luminaires to brighten, providing full illumination for road users for maximum safety while minimizing energy consumption. In this way, Comlight's smart lighting solution also reduces light pollution, which is a significant negative impact of artificial lighting.


The judges felt that Comlight's product was an excellent example of Zhaga-D4i in practice, with some great benefits including fast installation of the controller; only 1.5 to 2 minutes is typically required per luminaire, instead of 15 minutes for a pole-mounted version. High energy savings are achieved, usually reaching 70% at night even on a busy road. The system also usefully provides statistical and energy data, which is made available to the cloud-based backend system.


The DALI Alliance is the global industry organization for DALI®, the internationally standardized protocol for digital communication between lighting-control devices. DALI is a trademark that stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface.







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  • HoldTimeFastTraffic=45 s
  • HoldTimeSlowTraffic=30 s
  • MaxLightFastTraffic=100%
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  • MinLight=20%


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