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Comlight Zhaga Motion Detection Light Controller

Comlight Zhaga Motion Detection Light Controller is designed for luminaires with Zhaga / SR connector, as described in the standards Zhaga Bok 18 and DiiA DALI-2. Comlight Zhaga provides reliable detection of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians so that light levels can be adjusted as needed.

Comlight provide robust motion detection in all conditions, weather and in difficult conditions. Wireless communication lights up the road ahead, giving road users have full light. After a predefined time, the brightness is adjusted down again.

Based on local conditions (post height, distance from road etc.) the sensor is oriented in the desired direction. The commissioning of the system consists of registering the order of the sensors and adjusting the desired parameters for the system. Comlight Zhaga is certified for Philips SR drivers, and is also compatible with Signify Interact City (work in process).

Comlight Zhaga can communicate with Comlight’s cloud system for direct access to the facility, as well as retrieve historical data and reports. Comlight Zhaga is compatible with earlier versions of Comlight Eagle Eye products.


  • Streets and roads
  • Walking and cycling paths
  • Parks, ski and hiking trails
  • Event and sports arenas
  • Airports, industrial areas


  • Twist and lock mount
  • Adjustable radar direction
  • Wireless communication between bars


  • 24 GHz radar
  • Zhaga Book 18, Philips SR certified driver and DALI-2 compliant
  • Small form factor
  • Power consumption <1W