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The Beginning

Comlight AS was established in 2007. Based on one simple idea – optimising the use of outdoor lighting – the journey, and the many challenges of developing the company and the technology, began. The company has already won a number of prizes for innovation and has garnered significant media coverage. A well-prepared partner strategy has been firmly embedded in the company from the start, in connection with customer relationships, technological development and the procurement of other expertise.

International Reach

After many years’ intensive product research and development, and major investment, we are proud to work for a company that has changed from being an innovative development company to a commercial technology supplier on the international market.

We are still small, but we are unique, and we have the clear goal of redefining the use of outdoor lighting around the world. The advantage of being small is that we are also flexible – we can change direction quickly in an industry undergoing rapid change.


Comlight’s unique system is patented as a concept in many parts of the world.

As of 2012 patents have been granted in the following markets:
United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia.
We are awaiting the results of patent applications in a number of other countries.

Success is achieved by adhering to our clear partner strategy, together with existing partners and new ones.


Comlight is committed to positioning itself strategically in accordance with the sustainability diagram.


It is our objective to ensure that our customers can achieve major financial savings by using our technology. Comlight AS focuses and shall continue to focus on sound financial operation that can ensure future growth, promote further development of the company and create profits for our owners.


Comlight technology will provide optimal lighting for everyone who spends time outdoors. By using our technology, traffic safety will be optimised and criminal activity will be reduced through good lighting in the areas where people are moving around. Comlight’s products benefit everyone.


Comlight is a “Green Tech” company offering unique technology that has a positive impact on the global ecosystem by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Comlight will also contribute to preserving biodiversity by reducing light pollution and creating a greater and more natural contrast between bright daylight and nighttime darkness.