Comlight and Flashnet announce cooperation

Graalum, 28 July 2020 Comlight and Flashnet today announced a strategic cooperation on integrating radar-based motion detection technolog...

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The latest in intelligent lighting control technology:

Motion Sensing Outdoor Lighting Control


For Zhaga luminaries

Eagle Eye Zhaga

Eagle Eye Zhaga Motion Detection Light Controller is designed for luminaires with Zhaga / SR connector, as described in Zhaga Bok 18 and DiiA DALI-2 standards. Comlight Zhaga provides reliable detection of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians so that light levels can be adjusted as needed.

Installation of the units is a simple twist-and-lock operation, cutting installation cost to a absolute minimum.

Comlight provides robust motion detection in all conditions, weather and in difficult conditions. Wireless communication lights up the road ahead, giving road users full light. After a predefined time, the brightness is adjusted down again.

  • 24 GHz radar

  • Zhaga Book 18, SR certified driver and DALI-2

  • Small form factor

  • Power consumption <1W

  • Color RAL7016 Anthrasite gray

Link to product sheet

Pole mount

Eagle Eye 3.0

Comlight Eagle Eye 3.0 Motion Detection Light Controller is a pole-mount motion detection system based on radar technology. The system controls dimmable LED ballast/driver using DALI, 1-10V or relay control.

The product is designed for pole-mounting, and allows for flexibility in positioning and height to achieve optimal detection for pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles.

  • 24 GHz radar

  • DALI, 1-10 and relay control 

  • Flexible mount height and orientation

  • Color RAL7001 Light gray

Link to product sheet

Comlight AS was established in 2007 to optimize the use of outdoor lighting. There is an ever-increasing focus on what can be done to reduce energy consumption.


For Comlight, the question is how to make use of technology to solve the core problem: the pointless waste of energy involved in fully illuminating roads at times when there is no traffic, and lighting streets and public areas when there is no one around. Our “Motion Sensing Street Lighting” controls the lighting to an optimal level as long as there is activity in the area, and the result is a significant energy reduction without compromising safety!

Comlight has won a number of prizes for innovation and has garnered significant media coverage. A well-prepared partner strategy has been firmly embedded in the company from the start, in connection with customer relationships, technological development and the procurement of other expertise.

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Connected Lighting

Comlight Access

Comlight Access provides connectivity for the Comlight light control segment and access to services and applications within the Comlight cloud system for the selected subscription period.


Connectivity is provided through the gateway unit, which handles communication between the individual Comlight light controllers and the Comlight back-end system.

Comlight Access is offered as 2, 5 and 10 year contracts. Comlight Access is not needed for local installations without gateway units.

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