A different Comlight installation in Amsterdam

Comlight system can be applied in a variety of installations, such as the art project in Amsterdam. A tunnel that no one can cycle unnoticed through. Whether you are in a hurry to catch a train in the morning, go to work, have your child on your way to the nursery of if you cycle back from a student party at night, you will be guided by the light. Safe with the light.

This temporary tunnel also forms the color connection between the two existing underpasses. The colors of these existing tunnels, the red surfaces and blue surfaces, return via the color spectrum in the wheels of LED light of the black silhouettes of bicycles on the wall. Activated from blue to red and different, as soon as you drive past from one tunnel to another. In this tunnel you are never alone, you are together with the light.

(22.02.2019  www.wtcamsterdam.com)

The lighting wheels are controlled using a DMX controller, and Comlight’s motion sensing system triggers the DMX controller. (TechDynamics)

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