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Comlight uses advanced radar motion detection to control light levels. This opens up for a wide range of applications for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. 


In addition to saving energy, more and more customers tells us about the  environmental benefits when selecting a solution from Comlight. 

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We have several Parking-place references, and there is no need for the light to be on all night. Our intelligent sensors lights up where there is movement providing both a safe environment for people and cars.


Road and Street applications are great with Comlight. Our solution detects vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians and controls the light, providing full light where needed.


Public spaces needs intelligent light control based on motion detection. Not only to save energy and the environment directly, but also as a powerful storytellng initiative for residents and visitors.


Everyone wants well lit paths when walking or jogging in the evening. But there is no reason to spend energy when there i no-one present. We often see 90% savings in our walk path installations. Full light and full safety, while saving energy and the environment!


Comlight is perfect for sports- and training fields. Just by controlling a few parameters, the Comlight system is able to control several lights from a single detection. The system automatically dims down when the field is empty.


Tarmac light are powerful, but when there is no activity around the aircraft, there is no reason the lights should be kept on. The Comlight system is fully automatic, and controlled by motion detection alone - saving the airport for wasted energy.


Motion detection opens new possibilities for interactive art. Comlight sensors have been used for art applications, where detection of movement triggers light effects surrounding the observer - very cool! 


Our Eagle Eye 3.0 system can also be used to control other things than LED lamps. It has a readily available relay output the can be used for anything you can imagine!


Bike paths needs to be well lit. Riders are often concerned about the environment as well, saving energy as well as helping the environment. Comlight detects bike riders in all shapes, forms and speeds, and dims the light back down when the rider has passed.