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Comlight General

Comlight General


Comlight General

Product Documentation

Select your product and download the relevant documentation. If you can't find what your looking for, don't hesitate to contact us!

Technical Questions

How much energy can I save?

How much you save depends on the amount of traffic at night, installed effect and to what effect you dim down the light. Experience from thousands of installed systems shows that an average savings of 70% is achieved.

How do I connect the Eagle Eye?

You can either connect the Eagle Eye unit into the pole and let the cable connect in the service hatch at the bottom of the pole or you can connect with cable into the luminaire.

How do I know what area the system will detect?

Detection area will depend on size of the moving object, speed of object and height of light pole. The detection area can be adjusted.

Does the detection area cover all the way to the next pole?

No, the detection area's main goal is to cover a cross section of the whole street.
When an object is passing, a detection is made and ignite messages that are sent throughout the system.

What luminaires does the system fit?

The Comlight system is universal to any dimmable luminaire.

To what drivers is the system compatible?

The Comlight system is compatible with all drivers (Dali, 1-10V and Solid State). Luminaire driver must support instant dimming and light level commands must be able to overrule any pre-programmed scheduled dimming profiles.

What maintenance does the system need?

The system is maintenance free and self-running throughout its entire lifetime.

Do I need a Gateway Unit?

No, you can choose a stand-alone system without Gateway Unit.

What do I need to commission the system?

For systems with Gateway Unit you can commission remotely. You would need to install a M2M SIM card in the Gateway Unit and activate the SIM card with a Comlight customized USB to serial cable. For stand-alone systems without Gateway Unit you will need a Comlight Radio Commissioning Dongle for on-site commissioning.

What parameter settings can be set and what do they mean?

Forward count: Number of poles to be triggered by a detection made in the slow and fast channel. Light levels: Light level when movement is detected and when no movement is detected. Ignition time: The duration that the light should be kept at the desired light level.

What statistics can I read from the system?

ON-Time dimming time, number of triggers and detection levels.

Customer Service

Comlight Service Agreement

- Support and follow-up for desired changes in installation. - Installed and activated SIM card in GPRS unit from factory. - Data monitoring from the installation. - Quarterly reports for when the installation was dimmed and when the installation was fully lit. - Possibility for calculation of energy savings for varying brightess. - Based upon consumption of different light levels, an accurate calculation on energy savings can be provided. - Comparison of traffic within the installation.

Unit Commissioning Possibilities

- Off-site Commissioning
- On-site Commissioning (requires an Eagle Eye GPRS unit)

Maintenance & Warranty

Maintenance and Warrenty Information

The installation and use of the Eagle Eye is easy and the system operate completely maintenance free. Factory set parameters also makes the commissioning easy, but the system is delivered with GPRS-functions for remote parameter settings or changes of a variety of functions. For inquiries please contact our support department:

Frequently Asked Questions

Select the category and answer your questions here. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Select the category and answer your questions here. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us!