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Safety through good lighting that illuminates only when and where it is needed. Watch the video and learn more.

Save large amounts of energy used to street lighting. Without compromising safety

The Norwegian company Comlight has developed the world’s first patented control system that reduces the wasteful consumption of energy when lighting roads and other public places, without compromising the safety. We have called the system “Motion Sensing Street Lighting”, a radar lighting-control system that is automatically activated as soon as movement is detected in the area. The intelligent control system makes it possible to save large amounts of energy on outdoor lighting.

Research article: Save more than 35% energy by using an adaptive control system

Research article published in Hindawi Publishing Corporation presents an energy saving study of adaptive control system estimating great energy savings. Their design of adaptive behaviour for the control devices attached to the lampposts in smart cities scenarios shows result of lampposts dynamically adapt to the presence (or absence) of obstacles and environment light in their vicinity. The result show important savings of more than 35% in all the experiments which have a significant economic impact and affect on the sustainability of the environment.

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The Norwegian Road Authority unveils energy savings on auto-dimmed street light installation
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Comlight enters partnership in Germany
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Patents granted
Comlight is proud to be reaping the rewards of an extensive patent process that has taken many years. So far the company has been granted patents in the following countries:
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