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Changing to LEDs has already reduced energy consumption considerably. However, it is only by utilising the advanced technology of Comlight’s control system “Motion Sensing Street lighting” that really big savings can be achieved. Each street light features a radar detector that senses all activity that requires optimal lighting on the road or in the area. It only registers the activity that is relevant for safety – nothing else.

Wireless communication

As soon as any new activity is detected by the closest street light, the light is lit and the detection is communicated wirelessly by radio to a set number of street lights. As a result, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will experience normal illumination levels all along their route. In reality, however, there is a limited “wave” of light that follows the road user’s movement and provides safety. In this way Comlight can save lighting operators considerable amounts of energy while also providing the local population and visitors with optimal lighting safety.

Remote control
No two stretches of road are the same. Consequently, the control system “Motion Sensing Street Lighting” is set up specifically for each area. This is quite simple to do using a software package that allows the user to enter the desired parameters, such as the number of street lights to be included in the light “wave”. This will depend on the distance between them, how far forward it is important to be able to see, the road layout and so on. The various settings can easily be entered from a PC and can be changed whenever necessary and from any location. The changes are sent to a GPRS-equipped street light, which then automatically transmits the update to all the lights along the stretch of road or in the site.


The Add-On Solution is one option. This can be retrospectively fitted to existing equipment or can be fitted at the same time as the lighting units are all being replaced or upgraded. The control unit is fitted to the street light, cabling is connected, the back cover is fitted and the radar detection angle is adjusted in accordance with figures calculated for the specific site. Another alternative is for the Comlight technology to be integrated into the luminaire. The system is universal and is suitable for all ballast
solutions (1–10 V, DALI and StepDIM). It can be adjusted to suit various heights or diameters of pole and varying distances between the lights.


Maintenance and warranty

The installation and use of the Eagle Eye is easy and the system operate completely maintenance free. Factory set parameters also makes the commissioning easy, but the system is delivered with GPRS-functions for remote parameter settings or changes of a variety of functions. The Eagle Eye’s technical lifetime for normal use is 12-15 years and is completely in line with the requirements for electronics specified by the Norwegian road authorities. The lifetime is dependent on the units not being exposed to higher temperatures than those stated, and on the product being used with the voltages and frequencies guaranteed by the supplier. Any faults or complaints should be notified as soon as possible and the product will be replaced upon approval from the supplier.

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