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Comlight wins DALI Zhaga-D4i Awards 2021  


Eagle Eye Zhaga

The Eagle Eye Zhaga Motion Detection Light Controller is designed for luminaires with Zhaga and SR connectors, as described in Zhaga Book 18 and DiiA DALI-2 standards. Eagle Eye Zhaga provides reliable detection of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians so that light levels can be adjusted as needed.

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Eagle Eye 3.0

Eagle Eye 3.0 Motion Detection Light Controller is a pole mounted motion detection system based on radar technology. The system controls dimmable LED ballast/driver using DALI, 1-10V, or relay control, and is flexible in positioning height to achieve optimal detection for pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles.

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Comlight Access

Comlight Access provides connectivity for the Comlight light control segment and access to services and applications within the Comlight cloud system for the selected subscription period. The service includes tools for commisioning, parameter changes and access to historical dimming data, as well as API access for 3rd party developers.

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Comlight Commisioning Service

We support the customer in the planning phase, including recommending parameters for the installation. After installation, we set the installed sensors in operation by programming neighbor setup, light levels, hold times and the number of lights ahead of slow- and fast-moving traffic.

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