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Motion Sensing
Street Lighting System

Illuminated only when and where needed

Safety through good lighting

Outdoor Lighting Trends

We all agree that we must take responsibility and act when it comes to the energy waste in outdoor lighting, and today one of the biggest trends in the market is control systems that give light only when and where it is needed. This concept comes in different names; Adaptive Lighting, Dynamic Lighting, Activity Based Lighting, Sensor Lighting, and Auto-Dimming Lighting.

Comlight’s solution is called “Motion Sensing Street Lighting System”, and was the first technology of its kind on the market. Today we have several thousand systems running in real life installations. This has given us the experience to offer a robust and unique solution, and also to continue our development in order to provide more functionality and useful data from the system.

Light on Demand Without Compromising Safety

Reduce Energy Consumption|Waste|Cost

The Norwegian company Comlight has developed the world’s first patented control system that reduces the wasteful consumption of energy when lighting roads and other public places, without compromising the safety. We have called the system “Motion Sensing Street Lighting”, a radar lighting-control system that is automatically activated as soon as movement is detected in the area. The intelligent control system makes it possible to save considerable amounts of energy on outdoor lighting.

Examples of Energy Savings



  • Dimmed down to 20% of max level by customer preference

Energy Savings



  • Dimmed down to 0% of max level by customer preference

Energy Savings

Some of our Projects

The Glomma Path – Norway
Fredrikstad Municipality
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Casuarina – Australia
Tweed Shire Council
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Haugesund Airport Apron – Norway
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Bicycle Tunnel Amsterdam
Municipality of Amsterdam
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Highway 70 – Norway
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
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Halden – Norway
Municipality of Halden, NarrowBand IoT project
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Horten – Norway
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
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Bakketeigen Horten – Norway
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
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County road 155 Utstranda near Hole
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
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Tartu – Estonia
Municipality in Tartu in collaboration with Diotech
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Demutstrasse – Switzerland
St. Gallen Stadtwerke
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Furttalstrasse- Switzerland
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Opstadveien – Norway
Sarpsborg Municipality
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St. Gallen Stadtwerke – Switzerland
Öffentliche Beleuchtung
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Customer Testimonials

"After the installation was commissioned during autumn 2017, it has operated perfectly and completely to our expectations. We have accomplished considerable energy savings and have not had any operating and maintenance costs during this period. So far the installation has been operating with great stability. As of today we are planning future installations using this technology."
Ottar Bjørnstad, Statens vegvesen - Norwegian Public Roads Administration
"Energy efficiency in public lighting is a very important topic for us. It is part of our corporate philosophy to test new lighting technologies and solutions such as the new Comlight system. We are very much satisfied with the system, and we are convinced that Comlight is a solution for the future. Therefore we will plan new installations with Comlight soon."
Attachment image #1801
Jörg Haller, Head of Public Lighting, EKZ Zürich
"I am sure that this Pilot is a sustainable solution for street lighting for today and in the future. Thanks to the LED-technology, the lighting systems can be controlled and dimmed as needed. The module and the competent assistance of Comlight have helped us to implement this idea. The system is running to our full satisfaction stable and trouble free."
Urs Etter, Abteilungsleiter, Sankt Gallen Stadtwerke, Öffentliche Beleuchtung

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