Turtle-friendly lighting

Comlight's partner in Australia, Sylvania Schréder, is participating in a "turtle-friendly” lighting project for the pedestrian pathway along the Bargara foreshore. The lighting is part of the Reducing Urban Glow in Bundaberg project and has been designed to be safe for pedestrians, as well as having turtle-friendly  features, such as:


  • Low-colour temperature lighting (yellow/amber in appearance) to reduce the amount of light in the blue spectrum. Turtles are particularly sensitive to the blue end of the spectrum.
  • Recessed light fittings with louvres to control the direction of light and minimise seaward light spill.
  • Smart technology that allows for dimming of lights down to 20% when lighting is not required, and a gradual ramping up of the lights to 100% when pedestrians are detected.


This project complements other initiatives to reduce the urban glow in Bargara, including a streetlight replacement program and smart street lighting along the Esplanade and Bauer Street. The new pathway's turtle-friendly lighting will be installed along the Bargara pedestrian pathway, bounded by Schuhkraft Drive at the north - just south of Nielson Park) - and the intersection of the Esplanade and Burkitt Street at the south.


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