Comlight attended the Smart Suisse conference and exhibition (10-11 April) in Basel Switzerland together with main alliance partner Elektron AG.

The background for the exhibition is that Switzerland has a high level of urbanisation, as there, three out of four people live in cities. The cities and service providers are faced with great economic, technical, social, and political challenges and Smart City technology can make a significant contribution to solving many of the problems related to these challenges. The potential of a Smart City, however, first unfolds in a cooperative network of between city administration, citizens, business, science and politics. This is the starting point of SmartSuisse, to build anational B2B platform and promote cooperation among the stakeholders (smartsuisse).

Comlight system can be applied in a variety of installations, such as the art project in Amsterdam. A tunnel that no one can cycle unnoticed through. Whether you are in a hurry to catch a train in the morning, go to work, have your child on your way to the nursery of if you cycle back from a student party at night, you will be guided by the light. Safe with the light.

This temporary tunnel also forms the color connection between the two existing underpasses. The colors of these existing tunnels, the red surfaces and blue surfaces, return via the color spectrum in the wheels of LED light of the black silhouettes of bicycles on the wall. Activated from blue to red and different, as soon as you drive past from one tunnel to another. In this tunnel you are never alone, you are together with the light.


The lighting wheels are controlled using a DMX controller, and Comlight’s motion sensing system triggers the DMX controller. (TechDynamics)

Comlight enters exclusive partnership with Intrigue Lighting for distribution of the Motion Sensing Street Light Control System in the US market. Intrigue Lighting will now start market introduction, distribution and support for Comlight’s technology.

“We are excited to announce our exclusive U.S. distribution partnership with Comlight. The energy efficiencies provided by Comlight’s control systems blend well with Intrigue’s outdoor area lighting portfolio and will allow us to create a dynamic package of LED fixtures, poles, and control systems.”

“As we begin introducing Comlight’s patented smart lighting control system to the market, this will be an exciting product addition for our network of sales agents throughout the United States who collaborate with engineers, municipalities, and state DOT Networks,” says Todd Manderfield, president at Intrigue Lighting.

“We are excited to enter the US market, as we see a great potential for our unique solution in the US. In Europe we are already established as a market leader for this concept of motion sensing lighting solution. Intrigue Lighting will be our trusted partner for the US market, and we look forward to getting started on the first upcoming projects”, says Siri B.Damsleth, Comlight CEO

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