ClearStar with warm colors

Case study from Elektron AG: Dynamic light control with warm light color - for the sake of the environment.

In Othmarsingen in Switzerland, the public lighting operator, AEW Energie AG, was looking for a way to illuminate the Gexistrasse bicycle and footpath along the railway line. The key requirements were dynamic light control and a warm light color to take the environment into account and at the same time ensure the safety of the cycle path at all times. In an interview, Georg Hess, project manager at AEW, explains why the decision was made in favor of dynamic light control with Eagle Eye Zhaga and why an "orange" light color is used on the bike path:

Why did you decide on activity-controlled lighting with Eagle Eye Zhaga?

Eagle Eye technology impresses with its easy handling and integration into our product portfolio. In public spaces, it is important for us to adapt the lighting to the customers' needs. With dynamic control, we solve a wide range of requirements in a flexible way.


What was the deciding factor in using the warm "ClearStar" bright color?

In accordance with regional requirements, lighting outside residential areas must be limited. Using ClearStar lights - that is, lights with an orange light color of 2000 K (Kelvin) - we were able to illuminate the bike path in accordance with standards and at the same time take the environment into account.


Are you planning further projects with ClearStar or Eagle Eye?

Together with our partners, we try to use lights that have the Zhaga interface. This enables us to retrofit Eagle Eye technology or, for example, traffic-dependent controllers with little effort. AEW Energie AG depends on working with competent partners, and we felt us understood by ELEKTRON from the start. Planning, implementation and commissioning went perfectly.


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