Training field with Intelligent Lighting

Residents in the city of Haugesund, in the southwestern part of Norway, are serious when it comes to preserving the environment. After a decision of disallowing the use of rubber granulate for artificial grass, the football field at Skåredalen school received a new surface made from bio-degradable cork and coconut material. The efforts didn't stop there.


The Haugesund residents reached out to Comlight to devise an intelligent and innovative lighting control solution for city training fields. The solution involved placing motion sensors on the lights around the field. The sensors work in sync and autonomously, raising the light levels only when there is activity on the field. After 25 minutes, if there is no activity, the lights dim down automatically.


"This is a very good example of intelligent lighting. The light is controlled by the prescence of athletes, and the system works automatically, all by itself," says Jan Olav Endrerud, CEO of Comlight. "Merely having remotely controlled lighting isn't adding any smartness; that is just moving the switch from the wall to an app. Instead, our system is intelligent,  knowing if there is a need for lighting based in human presensce. We see a very interesting market in sports fields and smaller training areas."

Skåredalen Skole. Photo: Idar H. Pedersen.


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